Why Is My Computer So Slow All of a Sudden? Tips to Speed it Up

Have you noticed that your computer is suddenly much slower when performing even the most basic tasks? Do web pages take ages to load or have some applications ceased functioning altogether? 

If so, the chances are high that a bit of maintenance may be in order. Let us examine how to remedy such problems as well as when it is better to seek professional guidance.

Causes of Sudden Slowdowns

Three of the most common reasons why a computer may no longer function as it should include:

  • The presence of malware or spyware
  • Outdated software or hardware
  • Insufficient RAM

Viruses such as malware and spyware can corrupt internal files; leading to operational slowdowns. In the same respect, hardware and software that are not regularly updated can cause performance issues.

A lack of random access memory (RAM) is another primary reason why your computer may require massive amounts of time to perform everyday tasks (such as streaming a video or downloading a large file).

Troubleshooting and Solutions

The good news is that there are several ways to deal with the problems mentioned above. For example, installing a reputable antivirus program can help to identify any corrupted files that may be present. These bundles can also eliminate viruses that have been detected.

Updates are just as important. Whenever you are notified that a specific system requires a software patch or a new version is available, do not procrastinate. These “fixes” exist for a reason.

A bit of housekeeping is also a good idea. Scan for unused programs and applications. Delete these when warranted. Examine the state of your hard drive and use memory optimisers (a comprehensive list can be found here) to free up valuable RAM. Note that it is also possible to install additional memory if your computer will be performing tasks that require more system resources.

When to Seek Professional Help

Unfortunately, there can still be times when the solutions outlined above are of little use. This is when it is best to obtain expert advice. Not only will you save valuable time, but more serious issues can be corrected to avoid further damage.

While there is no doubt that slow computers can be frustrating, there are many options at your disposal. Feel free to follow the suggestions mentioned within this article and when in doubt, make it a point to contact the computer repair specialists at Ginger Geek. We will be more than happy to help!

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